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Advocacy Devou Backyard Bonanza, Covington, charity race,

Published on November 11th, 2014 | by Richard Hunt


Fun’raising with Charity Runs

Charity runs. Fundraisers, or as I like to think of them, Fun’raisers. While the publishing part of my brain slightly objects to the latter contraction, I remind myself that the English language is an ever-evolving hodge-podge of made-up words, onomatopoeia, and acronyms. So I yield my grammar grumpiness to the fubar of our Babel tongue, and in the spirit of this post, embrace the chaos of good intentions.

Over the last decade, there has been a surge of interesting ways to stay in shape. And charity runs have shown that being a do-gooder comes in all shapes and sizes.

A few weeks ago, about a hundred crazy, committed Covington-ites took to the trails of Devou Park for the Fifth Annual Bonanza. There were numerous events for the weekend warrior to test himself or herself. All in good fun, especially considering the four or five days of rain that preceded the Bonanza. I learned that sometimes staying on the bike as it slips around the curves, or in this case, slides off the trail is as much a technical challenge as a rock garden or wooden bridge features.

Devou Backyard Bonanza, Covington, charity race,

Simply said, though, it was a blast. And that’s the bottom line for these type of events: your entry fee goes to a good cause, the “win-or-die” temperament is titrated out of these gatherings (although some may try for a PR of some sort), and the emphasis is on fun, fast-paced frivolity with a little bit of sweat and mud on the side.

In my case, I got to wear the team kit for the first time. When looking at the race photo the next day, I realized that perhaps I was providing Reser Bikes a little too much real estate – code for “lose some damn weight and those hills will be easier to climb.” But there’s nothing that breaks in a new uniform than a little liquid dirt.

Devou Backyard Bonanza, Covington, charity race,

Fun for one and all, that’s the mantra for the hundreds of thousands of these events that take place in large metropolitan areas or small towns across the country. And if you’d prefer to check one out before committing lungs and limbs to the cause, the organizers will almost always welcome volunteers to help with the countless tasks involved with staging the feel-good event. No real risk, mucho rewards on many fronts. Hope to see you out there in a tu-tu or tennis shoes real soon. The “Surprise Inside” is that it’s often easier to do your best when you start having fun.

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is the resident stevedore, believer, and customer-client-partner service guru at Keen Communications. If you really need to reach Richard, you'd better strap on a helmet and pedal fast, as he's most often found on his bike tackling the hills and trails around Ohio.

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