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Published on November 3rd, 2014 | by lafelow


Lafe’s Ultimate Trail Mix

For a hiker or outdoor person, saying you make the best trail mix is sort of like wandering around in New York City saying you make the best pizza or driving around Texas bellowing about making the best barbeque. Potential fightin’ words to be sure.

Nevertheless, after years of mixing, blending and experimenting, I have arrived at a general blend that has all my favorite things. It has a good amount of protein, good crunch and a nice blend of sweet and salty. So what’s in it?!? Glad you asked. Here you go:

Lafe’s Ultimate Trail Mix
• Almonds (roasted and salted or even tamari flavored)
• Cashews (roasted and salted)
• Pistachios (shelled roasted and salted)
• M&Ms (usually plain, but peanut will do)
• Granola (no raisins—no way, not now, not ever)
• Sunflower seeds (shelled roasted and salted)
• Corn nuts
• Grape nuts

The assembly process is truly scientific. I dump relatively equal quantities of these ingredients into a big Ziploc bag and shake it a bit. Then I’ll grab a bunch, throw it in a smaller bag, and I’m ready to go. Obviously, this is more like a Lego set than a recipe. Feel free to add things you like or not add things you don’t like. If you mess with the recipe though, you won’t be able to call it Lafe’s Ultimate Trail Mix. Don’t provoke the trademark police!

Keep hiking, my friends.

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About the Author

Lafe Low is a lifelong New Englander. He has spent his life camping, skiing, biking, hiking, and paddling his way throughout the People's Republic of New England. He is the former editor of Explore New England and Outdoor Adventure Magazine and is author of Best Tent Camping: New England (Menasha Ridge Press). He is currently living in Massachusetts, and working as a tech writer and editor to help finance his funhog lifestyle. You can find Lafe's book here.

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