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Published on March 30th, 2009 | by Editor


Omnibus Public Lands Management Act Passes!

Let’s give it up for the American Hiking Society’s great success in pushing the U.S. Congress to pass (on March 25) the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act. Not impressed yet? Well. . . just think: Protection for two million acres of Wilderness, 5,000 miles of trails, 1,000 miles of rivers, PLUS legislation for the 26-million-acre National Landscape Conservation System. People in the know are calling this the greatest conservation action by Congress since 1916, when it created the National Park system.

Project Vote Smart lists these as the “working highlights”:
-Designates land in 9 states as potential wilderness areas (Title I).

-Grants the state of Alaska a seven-mile easement for constructing a single-lane airport access road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in exchange for the transfer of 43,093 acres of state-owned land to the federal wildlife refuge system (Title VI, Subtitle E).

-Expands the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System (Title V, Subtitle A).

-Adds to the National Trails System (Title V, Subtitle C).

-Authorizes $1 million to provide grants to states and Indian tribes to compensate ranchers for livestock killed by wolves and to assist non-lethal methods to reduce wolf attacks (Title VI, Subtitle F).

-Allows for the preservation of former President William Jefferson Clinton’s childhood home as a National Historic Site (Title VII, Subtitle A, Sec. 7002).

-Authorizes appropriations for projects to improve water management and conservation (Title IX and Secs. 10101, 10202 of Title X).

If you want all of the details, the entire bill has been posted, as it was passed.

Thanks to the AHS and everyone else who helped make this bill a reality!

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