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Jacob’s Crosscut & Treasure Loop

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Neither Jacob’s Crosscut nor Treasure Loop are in the Superstition Wilderness proper, but they go along the western slopes of the mountain range.

Date Hiked: 27 December 2007

Companions: Ben

Actual Hiking time: 11:30am to 6:30 pm

My mileage notes are deceptive because we actually hiked the entirety of Jacob’s Crosscut, even though the guide hikeĀ  has the loop around at Treasure Loop. Once you get past (north) of Treause Loop and the State Park, you get into some relatively pristine and lonely desert. You cross a couple of washes, and then follow the barbed-wire fence until you hit Crosscut Trailhead. This makes for a stupid-easy car-shuttle if so desired.

I deliberately mentioned the restroom at Lost Dutchman State Park because that section of the trail is Far Too Crowded to simply relieve yourself on a palo verde tree.

Why yes, 6:30pm is well past sunset in December. This is why I always carry a flashlight.

Freind of this blog, Roxxan Lizzie has a Flickr set of photos from her hike. She ran out of daylight too.

We lost Bongo, my beloved plastic gorrilla which I used to photograph on my various travels. He has yet to be adequately replaced. I once assumed this blog would be dedicated to Bongo photos, but alas, he is lost. He might still be out there, but the trail gets serious traffic, and its been over a year. I like to think some child found him and is enjoying him for what he is.

Have you seen this toy?

Have you seen this toy?

Boulder Canyon from 1st Water

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

This hike, in the western Superstitions, was a complex combination of several trails foring a loop that hit several highlights of the area.

Date Hiked: 31 Jan 2008

Companions: none

Actual mileage : 13 miles

Actual time: 10am to 7pm

I got my butt kicked on this hike, mostly because Boulder Creek was running at well above normal level and I stopped counting crossings at 12. It was, however, one of the few hikes where water was never a problem.

There were pockets of ice on the trail when I started, but by late afternoon I had shed clothes down to my t-shirt. The shadow of the sign near the second Black Mesa junction was indeed quite long. If the details about the latter portions of the Dutchman Trail seem scanty, I walked that part by flashlight.

And it was getting loooong....

And it was getting loooong....

In my opinion, this was the best and hardest hike I took in the western Supes.