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Tempe REI book event post-mortem

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Gave a little talk, sold a couple books, hope somebody learned something, and if not, at least there were pretty pictures.

Thanks to all those who came out.

Most of those fine folks filled out my survey (and one won a free book as a result!). On that survey, a responder can help choose my next hiking book. If you’dlike to play along at home (or wherever you read this blog) head over to the Choose My Next Book page, and enter a comment. OR comment on this post right here – since that link is easier to find.

I have updated the current totals following the Tempe REI event.

There’s no Behind-the-hike this week, but I have a holiday hike recommendation:  Cottonwood Trail #120 up by Roosevelt Lake.This was one of the better hiked from Day and Overnight Hikes – Tonto National Forest.

The Tonto NF has changed their website. Their new link to this trail is here:

Have a great Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: Spammers 100; actual commentors 0 – so I am closing comments