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Brins Mesa / Soldier Pass Loop

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Been a while, I know. If I made a bunch of excuses, would that interest you? Me neither.

So here’s the behind-the-hike for the  Brins Mesa / Soldier Pass hike in the book (Five Star Hikes in Flagstaff and Sedona)


HIKE DATE: 5/7/2010


START: 1:30P

END: 6:30P

8.4 MI TOTAL – 5hrs and 5miles by GPS

One of the first hikes I did for the book, and one of the best in terms of both the quality of the experience and lack of disaster. All of the recording gear worked and I finished in daylight with a swallow of water left.

All of the well documented vortex sites in Sedona are conveniently located within a short walk from a parking lot. My efforts to find any additional documentation on the “vortex” around the slick rock on the side trail to the arch caves came to naught. I have no sense for these things.  The published material is all about the parking lot sites. If you want anything deeper, you’ll have to pay a guide – which was well outside my margins, and a crap-shoot in any case.

The arch caves are cool, but they are no more than a few feet deep.  You won’t need a flashlight.

You Tube notes are here: