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Brins Mesa / Soldier Pass Loop

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Been a while, I know. If I made a bunch of excuses, would that interest you? Me neither.

So here’s the behind-the-hike for the  Brins Mesa / Soldier Pass hike in the book (Five Star Hikes in Flagstaff and Sedona)


HIKE DATE: 5/7/2010


START: 1:30P

END: 6:30P

8.4 MI TOTAL – 5hrs and 5miles by GPS

One of the first hikes I did for the book, and one of the best in terms of both the quality of the experience and lack of disaster. All of the recording gear worked and I finished in daylight with a swallow of water left.

All of the well documented vortex sites in Sedona are conveniently located within a short walk from a parking lot. My efforts to find any additional documentation on the “vortex” around the slick rock on the side trail to the arch caves came to naught. I have no sense for these things.  The published material is all about the parking lot sites. If you want anything deeper, you’ll have to pay a guide – which was well outside my margins, and a crap-shoot in any case.

The arch caves are cool, but they are no more than a few feet deep.  You won’t need a flashlight.

You Tube notes are here:

Mount Eden Loop

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Part of an ongoing series of behind-the-hike descriptions for 5 Star Trails Flagstaff and Sedona. This is Hike #3.

Big Elden Loop

DATE: 9/18/10



END TIME: 6:21p




Up the Upper Oldham Trail, West across the Sunset Trail, Back down the Brookbank Trail. Start at TH on Lookout Rd.

This was our second attempt at finding a worthwhile loop hike up and down Mt Elden outside of Flagstaff. Our first effort was done in by fire closures from the Schultz Fire. Some of that first hike was salvaged into Little Elden Springs. Some of it I can never describe in detail in writing.

This one went much better. Good start, good weather, good hike. We did not actually take the spur to the look-out tower. I used the GPS data from our first attempt.

There are several good geo-caches along Sunset Trail.

The road up to the peak is strictly 4WD. That would be why there’s always plenty of parking.

The You Tube video for this hike was actually put together by Ben.

Mt Elden Loop You Tube video

“Shore is perty up here…”