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Airport Mesa

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

“Need anything from me this weekend?”

“Nope. Can’t think of a thing…”

“GREAT! I’m going hiking.”

“No! Wait! You know, there is this one thing – or maybe six…”

So I didn’t hike Bluff Springs or anywhere else that weekend.

If you can tear yourself away this weekend, go to Estrella Mountain Regional Park. Not from my guidebook, but there will never be better weather for it.

Now, as promised, more behind-the-hike stuff from 5 Star Trails Flagstaff and Sedona


DATE: 15 April 2010


START:  1pm             END: 3:35pm

ACTUAL TIME: about 2.5 hours

ACTUAL MILES: about 4.

This was the first hike I did for the guidebook, with the old DVR and the old GPS and the old logic about how hike descriptions should go.

Most sources do this hike counter-clockwise, but I did it clockwise. So there!

Airport Mesa is properly known as Tabletop Mesa, but everyone calls it Airport Mesa for obvious reasons.

As of this writing, there is no functioning restaurant at the airport. I mention this because a few older guidebooks mention one.

The Table-Top sidetrack is totally worth it.

As mentioned in the text, you can see Red Rock High School from the trail. I spent the better part of August 2010 working there as part of my day job. You might think this make hiking around Sedona easier, but I was the only one of 4 crew guys with a car, and we were camped at the Super 8 in Cottonwood, so by the time I got those guys settled I had less than 2 hours of daylight left. It actually set me quite a bit back.

But we discovered the Red Planet Diner, and that made the guidebook.

This is the You Tube companion piece.