Choose My Next Book

To be fair, this is just a poll. But your opinion, as an arguable member of my target demographic, is valuable market research. So on this page, I have enabled comments.

The four options below are presented in a survey I hand out at every book event I do. I’ll update occasionally with current totals counting those surveys, and comments left here.

Which book should I write next (pick one):

q      The Great Western Trail: Broadly envisioned as a 4,445-mile motor/horse/hiker route allowing users to traverse the western United States from Mexico to Canada, while spending as little time as possible on actual pavement. Less than a third of this route is actually identified, and almost none of it is documented. To find the route, or a reasonable facsimile, you’d have to compile maps from a dozen sources, and supplement with a fair bit of guesswork. I’d like to fix that problem.

q      A Guide to Hot Springs and Ice Caves in Arizona: Just what it says on the tin. I should note that there are a couple dozen hot springs, but only a handful of ice caves.

q      A Brief History of Camping in America: Up to the last part of the 19th century, sleeping in the wilderness was not considered recreational; too many folks did that as part of everyday life. As the country began to urbanize, they huddled masses dreamt of getting back to the woods – for fun. This is the story of how roughing it became recreational.

q      Five Star Trails Payson and the Mogollon Rim: Just what it says on the tin.

Totals as of 11-23-11

Great Western Trail: 5

Hot Springs etc: 11

History of Camping: 0

5* Trails Payson: 15

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee I will end up pitching any of these. The survey is one part of market research, which gets compiled with subject research and what sounds like fun to form a decision. But absent of facts, every opinion counts.