Five Star Trails on ViewRanger

There’s an app for my hiking guide. I can say that now with a completely straight face – not just because I live in the future, but because there really is an app for my hiking guide.

From the press release:

ViewRanger ™App partners with Menasha Ridge/Wilderness Press

Cambridge, UK – December 15, 2011 – ViewRanger, the award-winning outdoor navigation app, is

pleased to announce its partnership with Menasha Ridge/Wilderness Press, a leading publisher of

comprehensive outdoor hiking books and maps.

ViewRanger, which hails from the UK and is owned by software development company, Augmentra,

Ltd., is a mobile app that turns a smartphone into a powerful Outdoors GPS. It delivers high resolution

mapping and trails, waypoint navigation, web-based route planning and location sharing.

“We are looking forward to working with an independent enterprise that offers the same benefits to

readers as our company; memorable adventures in the great outdoors ,” says Menasha

Ridge/Wilderness Press president Richard Hunt. “ViewRanger has done a brilliant job of executing their

business plan overseas and we look forward to teaming up with them as they make their debut in the


Commenting on the partnership, ViewRanger CEO Craig Wareham states “we are excited to be working

with such renowned publishing titles as Menasha Ridge and Wilderness Press and for the opportunity to

deliver their high quality expert guidebook content through our location-aware smartphone publishing platform.”

ViewRanger will bring their guidebooks to life by accessing the expert outdoors content provided by

Menasha Ridge/Wilderness Press. Popular trail routes will be available to browse and download onto

smartphones and delivered like a guidebook with a map, trail descriptions and advice, and photos of

things that users may see along the way. Once users are on a hike or walk, they can see their location

over a map and navigate along the route. ViewRanger also gives navigation alerts if you veer too far off


“My Five Star Trails in Flagstaff and Sedona guidebook will be in the first release!” Squealed Menasha Ridge author Tony Padegimas, contacted by courier pigeon in his isolated desert stronghold. “If this prevents one hiker with a fully-charged phone from getting ost in the woods, my life’s work will have been worth it,” he added.


At least one of those paragraphs was not in the original press release.

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