Much more than a book signing

We interrupt hike by hike coverage of 5 Star Trails Flagstaff and Sedona for some breaking news:

I will have a presentation / workshop, based upon the new book, at the Paradise Valley REI on September 14th, from 6:30p to 8:30p. I was aksed to prepare about an hour’s worth of material, and the rest reverts to a Q&A or book signing format.

The Link to REI’s website

You have to be an REI member to sign up (you need your member number, anyway), but I will not turn anyone away.

I’ll also talk about D&O Tonto, and compare/contrast writing the books.

SPOILER: The biggest difference of the photography requirements.

If you want more info, contact REI, or comment to this blog from the About the Author page.

We will resume regular hike descriptions shortly.

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