End of the Trail within sight

No matter how much you are enjoying the hike, there is always something uplifting about coming within sight of the trailhead (assuming your car is still there as expected).

I have hiked the last hike and am within five hike descriptions of the glorious end … of writing the hike descriptions. There’s still the front matter, some appendices to compile and a few rounds of editing.

What I know now, though, is the roster of hikes featured in Five Star Hikes: Sedona & Flagstaff


Airport Mesa
Bell Rock
Bell Trail (Wet Beaver Creek)
Boynton Canyon
Brins Mesa + Soldier Pass
Broken Arrow
Cathedral Rock
Lime Kiln Trail
Mitten Ridge /Damifino
Mund’s Wagon Trail
Parson Springs
Secret Canyon Loop
Verde Greenway North
Verde Greenway South
Vultee Arch
West Fork of Oak Creek
Wilson Mountain
Woods Canyon Trail


Abineu/Bear Jaw Loop
Anderson Mesa
Fat man Loop
Johnson RR
Kelsey Springs
Little Elden Springs
Mount Elden Loop
Mt Humphrey
Mt Williams
O’Leary Peak
Sandys + Walnut Canyons
Sycamore Rim
Veit Springs
Winter Cabin

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