Working on a new guidebook

The ink hasn’t dried on the contract, but I’m going to announce anyway:

I am writing a new guidebook for Menasha Ridge Press!

(and you thought this was a dead blog).

More details when I have time to compose with clarity.

Meanwhile, for the benefit of a very select audience, my itinerary for the next two days:

Thursday, 4/6/10:

Travel to Sedona; establish a camp at Wet Beaver Creek; Hike Brin’s Mesa and Soldier Pass trail; Hike a portion of Airport Loop to Bandit, then Caroll Canyon. Buy some beer. Sleep.

Friday 4/7/10:

Clarify a remaining mystery on Bell Trail; break camp; Hike Woods Canyon trail (up Dry Beaver Creek), return home.

Local conditions may force changes. My cel phone works in most of the area.

Gotta go! More when I get back.

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