The Pinal Mountains

[Part of our ongoing series of Behind-the-Hike for Day and Overnight Hikes in the Tonto National Forest]

Several trails loop around the Pinal Mountains, which jut up 6000+ feet from the desert just outside of Globe AZ. I picked a couple more-or-less at random, and got really lucky. This trail goes up the mountains via Telephone Trail and comes down via Six Shooter Trail.

HIKE DATE: 11 June 2008


START TIME 11:10am

END TIME: 5:45 pm

ACTUAL MILES: 11.5 miles

This was the first hike in the 10-Day-Run, where I took a week of vacation and just banged out as many hikes as I could just car-camping across the National Forest. Ben went with me for most of them.

I lost the DVR notes, and didn’t discover that fact until the end of the run. (See Verde River for more on that).

The loop also includes the Icehouse trail, but only for a hundred yards.

You can see a few photos on my Facebook album.

I ignored my own good advice and checked out an old mine shaft about  a half mile up the road from the Icehouse intersection. It goes back a bit, but it was full of mosquitoes, and my son was certain I would die.

This is one of the closest and surest ways to get out of the desert and into the cool greenery – if you can handle the elevation change.

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