Boulder Canyon from 1st Water

This hike, in the western Superstitions, was a complex combination of several trails foring a loop that hit several highlights of the area.

Date Hiked: 31 Jan 2008

Companions: none

Actual mileage : 13 miles

Actual time: 10am to 7pm

I got my butt kicked on this hike, mostly because Boulder Creek was running at well above normal level and I stopped counting crossings at 12. It was, however, one of the few hikes where water was never a problem.

There were pockets of ice on the trail when I started, but by late afternoon I had shed clothes down to my t-shirt. The shadow of the sign near the second Black Mesa junction was indeed quite long. If the details about the latter portions of the Dutchman Trail seem scanty, I walked that part by flashlight.

And it was getting loooong....

And it was getting loooong....

In my opinion, this was the best and hardest hike I took in the western Supes.

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