Unexpected Hiatus

I have a day job, and sometimes it just sucks up all my energy. So I missed a few posts. (4, going by the schedule).

Did anyone miss me?

I have had, to date, 70 comments, one from WordPress congradulating me on the blog, and the rest spam.

Not even devious spam – insultingly obvious spam.

So, if you read this, take a second to write a comment. Thanks.

While I’m whining, the absence of photos signifies that I’ve used up my 10MB limit.

Which is sad on several levels.

OK. Real posts after this. I promise.

2 Responses to “Unexpected Hiatus”

  1. Hobosic Says:

    Hi, Can i take a one small picture from your blog?
    Thank you

  2. arewelostyet Says:

    They’re all small pictures. Contact me directly. Go to the About The Blogger page, and there will be information at the bottom.