Pass Mountain and Fish Rock

Pass Mountain and Fish Rock Pass

[Part of a series of beyond the page info of the hikes covered in Day and Overnight Hikes in the Tonto National Forest.]

Hiked: 23 November 2008

Companions: Ben and Carolyn ( a co-worker)

More info about the Goldfield Mtns Here.

We actually intended to only hike Pass Mountain Loop. But early on, we took the wide trail that runs along side of the wash, instead of crossing the wash, and didn’t realize the error until we were already on top of bulldog saddle.

So this is one of the Happy Accident hikes in the guidebook.

We circled around the east and then north slopes of Peak 3163 until we re-united with the Pass Mtn trail, where we ate lunch, and engaged in a bit of (futile) geo-caching.

I learned that there is such a thing as productively lost.

The pygmy sag I mention of pg 38

I also learned that I have enough trouble getting back to the car by sunset (a side-effect becoming productively lost) without adding geo-caching to the itinerary.

Carolyn is as fearless as I am, which has many advantages, but it left Ben as the sole Voice of Restraint on the expedition.

The cholla "family" mentioned on pg 38

The cholla "family"

We proceeded counterclockwise around Pass Mountain. That trail is quite a change in culture from the Fish Rock route. While we saw no other people going around Peak 3163, we saw plenty of folks, and dogs, going around Pass Mountain. Too crowded to just hop off the trail and water a palo verde tree, so the restroom on the west side was quite a relief.

I returned on Nov 28th the finish the one section of Pass Mountain that we missed.

The photo of the rock cairn on pg 51 of the guidebook comes from this hike.

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