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Meals that are easy on your wallet and your environment

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

With today’s economy, many American’s are finding they are pinching pennies. So what could you do to help the environment and save a few bucks? Cut meat out of a few days of your diet! I know it doesn’t sound too appealing for any meat-lovers out there, but meat is one of the more expensive food items in a carnivore’s diet. Since fall is almost upon us, I thought I’d share some links to some fall-like recipes that are flavorful and won’t break the bank.

First, we have a wheat-berry and black bean chili. This hearty, healthy soup costs about $3 per serving to make and will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

I love Mexican food, so this next recipe is a great meatless meal for me! This cheese enchilada with red chile sauce is a spicy yet inexpensive alternative to a more pricey chicken or beef enchilada.

Want pizza but can’t afford to go out for some? Try this spinach and sun dried tomato stuffed pizza instead. It’s sure to satisfy the pizza-lover within!

A FABULOUS website I recently discovered is BUDGET BYTES. Beth provides some actually good food recipes that cost very little money. She also has a really helpful list of items you should keep on hand at all times. Great for a beginner!

Recycling & composting in the modern age

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

I have been recycling for what seems like my whole life and stressing the importance of recycling to others along the way. It was only recently that I considered composting, and in my research to begin that process, I came across many very interesting and helpful articles and organizations. I want to be the best recycler and composter that I can be, and I want you to do the same!

The Mother Nature Network has offered some great advice on things you should definitely not compost or recycle. You’d be surprised at what should NOT go into your bins. Some things are common sense while others answer those long asked questions: I can just throw this in there and they’ll take care of it, right? Everything from motor oil and batteries to printed papers and pizza boxes is covered, with suggestions for what to do with those non-traditional recyclable materials. I know I’ll be printing this list off and taping it to the top of my recycling bin at home!

In addition, I have often found myself wondering how to properly dispose of cooking oil/grease from my kitchen. I knew that flushing it down the sink was most likely not the proper way (imagine how fatty foods clog our arteries–just imagine what repeated flushing down the drains does to the pipes in your home and through the city!), so I did a little digging. Am I able to just throw the grease in the trash in a sealed container? That didn’t seem right to me, but, it appears to be one solution. Another solution is to take your grease to a local restaurant (one that offers collection) for a larger-scale removal. However, the most sustainable solution to getting rid of your cooking oil/grease is to partner up with a local restaurant where you can take your grease and have them donate their grease to the Alternative Fuel Foundation. The AFF ‘recycles’ cooking oil and grease from restaurants and turns it into clean-burning bio-fuel! You can read more about the benefits of bio-fuel at their website. Very cool, and very green!

There are tons of organizations and companies that are recycling in creative ways, collecting hazardous materials, other recyclable materials such as light bulbs, batteries, motor oil, etc. throughout our communities. An example of just that is GLOBAL RECYCLE, a small company based out of New Orleans that is working to better the community with their local recycling program. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get in contact with someone knowledgeable on the subject: I plan to see if our local green grocer, Park + Vine, collects cooking grease. I’m sure that they can teach me all kinds of things about this, composting, and much more!


Hit the trail with your furry friend

Monday, May 14th, 2012

This week, Hot on the Trail is running a special doggy giveaway that include prizes for your furry friend from Ruffwear along with the new book from Wilderness Press, The Trail Hound’s Handbook: Your Family Guide to Hiking with Dogs by Ellen Eastwood. Read all about the giveaway and find out how to enter HERE!

Greenpeace for a cleaner Earth

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Greenpeace International is a great non-profit, direct-action, environmental organization that you should really know about. I wanted to share a video they created for Earth Day because it is beautiful, surreal, and captures just what Earth Day is all about and how we can help. You can view other videos from Greenpeace International on their YouTube channel (they have some very cool videos).

Click image to view video on YouTube

Don’t forget, you have through this Friday, April 27 at 3:00pm EST to enter our Green Gear Giveaway! For details on how to enter, please visit Hot On The Trail… may the odds be ever in your favor!

Earth Day Green Gear Giveaway

Friday, April 20th, 2012

In celebration of Earth Day and Arbor Day 2012, Wilderness Press is launching an awesome giveaway to our fans with the help of these generous, eco-friendly sponsors: Mountainsmith, Enviro Products, Solio, Kentucky Royalty, and kigo footwear. The contest runs from TODAY through FRIDAY, APRIL 27.
Check out all the information about the giveaway including details on the prizes and entry guidelines over at Hot On The Trail.

In addition to the giveaway, Wilderness Press and Menasha Ridge Press will be offering a 30% discount on all of their books and maps online through next Friday, April 27. Pick up those guidebooks for your summer adventures!

Best of luck, and remember to stay GREEN!

Serenbe, a sustainable community

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

If you’re not obsessed with HGTV like I am, well, let me give you a chance to reconsider. Aside from their fantastic programming on TV, they hold some pretty stellar giveaways such as the Dream Home Giveaway and the Green Home Giveaway, which is going on now through June 1, 2012 (you can enter twice daily).

This year, the green home is really above and beyond. Located less than 30 miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia, HGTV’s 2012 Green Home is located within Serenbe, a hamlet of sorts that sits on 1,000 acres of land. On that land is everything you need in a community from organic farms to a blacksmith to a school and retirement center. And the whole community has been structured upon green and sustainable living practices. HOW COOL IS THAT? I urge you to at least read more about Serenbe. Maybe even enter to win, because you never know what might happen.

Earth-saving superhuman superpowers

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Not all of us have special superpowers to save Mother Nature from the forces of evil (I’m looking at you, Captain Planet). But we still hold a strong affinity to Her majesty. So the questions is–how does one do their due diligence for the environment, getting on the good side of eco-Karma? Well, you’re in luck. Here are a few sustainable ways to improve the environment for Earth Day 2012.  Note: Can we please try to make this last longer than Kony 2012? Just saying…

1) Recycle Old Electronics. Tired of that old cell phone collecting dust? What’s that? It’s a collector’s item, and you’re waiting for the right time to put it on eBay? Please stop the nonsense before you end up on a re-run of Hoarders. Thankfully, most electronic stores and organizations offer a recycling service to make your life a little easier. For example, by simply recycling old electronics, you can provide a reusable cell phone for a soldier to communicate with his or her family while overseas.

2) Get Dirty. No, Christina Aguilera, this isn’t the extreme makeover I had in mind. I was thinking more along the lines of a pair of gloves and a shovel.  Here’s a link from the Chicago Tribune, detailing the proper tree planting technique.  Relatively simple activities that may require some labor offer great results for future generations to enjoy.  Don’t judge me, I still cry like a baby every time I read The Giving Tree.

2 ½) Reading Break. Organize a Choreographed Song and Dance.  Warning: Song may compel viewer to press the “Replay” button on YouTube after watching.

3) Walk It Out. Instead of driving your Hummer H3 two minutes to work and back home, why not try a more eco-friendly solution?  Walking or biking.  Hey, all the cool celebs are doing it, right Shia LaBeouf?  Not only does one reduce their carbon emission by walking or biking, but it’s simply healthy for you.  And honestly, with Tax Day here, you just may wake up to see another day by not driving.

Thank God for beef... am I right?

I hope you take these suggestions to heart.  Feel free to let me know how you contribute to the environment.  I’m open to new ideas as well and would encourage any feedback.  Thanks for reading.  Stay green, San Diego.



Thursday, April 12th, 2012

What are YOU doing to participate in and/or celebrate 2012 Earth Day?
We want to know!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thompson Farms: Producing All-Natural Pork by Stellar Standards

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Check out this awesome video of an amazing piggy farm: Thompson Farms in southern Brooks County, Georgia, is the very first 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating System Step 5+ producer! Their meats are available at Whole Foods, so I know where I’ll be buying my pork from now on.

Happy pigs at Thompson Farms - click picture for video

There are starving children in Ireland

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Growing up, my mother, as many other mothers out there, would coax me into finishing the food on my plate with a simple phrase: there are starving children in Ireland. OK, so most people use Africa as an example, but the truth is, there are starving children in every country. And not only children, but adults and animals as well. We take so much for granted living in the United States (as you can read about in my previous post) and we waste so many resources in the process of taking things for granted. We need to make bigger strides in cutting down on our waste–let’s begin with food waste.

As it turns out, experts are saying that “30-50% of the food produced in the world goes uneaten.” HALF! Can you imagine throwing half of the food on your plate away each time you have a meal? That is not only a huge waste of money but a disgusting waste of labor and resources. I have been struggling for the past year to reduce my portion sizes at meals to not only make my body healthier but to reduce the amount of food waste at the end of each day. A human stomach really is the size of your fist, and most portions at restaurants go far beyond that. It is the curse of the American dream–having everything you’d want and more. We don’t need more in this case.

We can work on our problem of food waste by downsizing our portions, saving and eating leftovers, buying produce and dairy products in smaller quantities (to avoid spoiling), and joining a food co-op. Use what you have in your pantry. Buy only what you need at the store. Grow what you can in your own garden. These simple steps are stepping stones to solving the problem at large. We can’t feed all those starving mouths in Africa, Ireland, or right here in the good ol’ US of A, but we can start a change at home that can leave open resources for others who need them the most. But remember, “no matter how sustainable the farming is, if the food’s not getting eaten, it’s not sustainable and it’s not a good use of our resources.” So don’t let your eyes be hungrier than your stomach, and remember that somewhere out there, someone hasn’t eaten a full meal in weeks.

The Yin and Yang of World Hunger