Winter Warmth Essentials

The worst thing about winter for me is definitely cold toes. No matter where I am, they always seem to be frozen and once they’re frozen, it feels like they’ll never defrost again! This year I was determined to avoid this, so I made a trip to Benchmark Outfitters for some sock shopping.

I walked away with two pairs of Smartwool socks and I must say, I’ve been very impressed so far. I got the Medium Crew Hiker sock and the Popcorn Cable sock and they have both kept my tootsies extremely warm in the cooling weather. I was so impressed, I got another pair! This time I purchased the PhD Outdoor Medium Crew sock.

The cost is pretty steep for a pair a socks, but keep in mind they are awesome! If they’re too expensive for you, check, I’ve seen them deeply discounted on this site.

What is your biggest dislike for winter? What are your tips for keeping warm?

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