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"Hushaby Baby" Hudson Bay Axe $250

Several people that I know have recently purchased axes from Best Made, a new company that has paired with one of America’s oldest and best axe companies.   Quality axes along with hand forged, artistically painted handles made from American hardwood make for unique, collectible, and effective axes that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Best Made is a great, independent company out of New York that is making some really neat products from axes to pocket knives to whiskey tumblers.

I don’t think I’ve ever owned an axe of my own–just wielded one of my father’s on camping and backpacking trips growing up.  Axes are one of the oldest tools known to mankind and are still widely used today.  Having a felling axe on hand when out in the woods can prove to be invaluable.  Not only can you chop wood with it, but you can use it to make tools, clear pathways, kill game, prepare food, and free your unlucky leg from any barbs, unruly vines, or hidden bear traps.  If you need more convincing, check out this seriously epic video of a Best Made axe in action.

Photo by Chip K.

I do believe I may invest in my own pretty axe for my next trip into the Great Outdoors.  Yes, that’s right, a pretty axe.

Photo by Taylor G.

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