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Published on January 7th, 2014 | by Pat


You’ll Want This Ultralight Camping Grill for Your Next Campout

Unfortunately, it’s still only in the conceptual phase of development. But that’s not to say this ultralight camp grill isn’t something worth getting excited for.

Coleman gas-powered camping grill system.

Anyone who’s planned a campout grill-out will be familiar with the options widely available. The most common example of portable camping grills — see the Coleman over to the left — while functional, are really only suited for car-camping. Other, lighter models do exist, but the wide use of steel-frame designs still pose a serious obstacle to anyone hoping to camp out of a backpack or in some other “light” fashion.

Enter STAKES, a new, collapsible design (pictured above) by industrial design student and ex-Israeli military Roee Magdassi. The grill is as simple in its set-up as in its design: using a rock and appropriate spots in the ground, simply drive the stakes into the soil, adjusting the length and width of the grill net according to the necessary stake configuration.

The result is an elegant and fully-functional grill net that is adjustable in dimensions and height (you can always drive the stakes further down to accommodate a lower flame), as well as adaptable to all different sorts of terrain.

“During my military service I experienced walking long trails while carrying heavy loads,” Magdassi told Wired. “Therefore, I understood the importance of designing light weight equipment.” When not in use, the stakes and grill net roll together and fit neatly within a portable carrying pouch. Check out this functional graphic from Wired’s feature.

Magdassi was awarded the Audience Award prize at the 2013 Unique Youngstar competition for his design.

This grill, paired with the now widely-discovered “beer can camp stove,” shrinks your cooking system down to a single pocket in your pack.

Now all that’s left is catching the food!


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