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Published on December 31st, 2013 | by Pat


11-Year-Old Sleeps 365 Straight Nights in a Tent

If you’ve ever needed inspiration to get outside and active more often, you should probably check out this blog.

After tonight, the blog’s author, Pennsylvania-based 11-year-old LRC (his mother made sure he doesn’t use his full name, for privacy reasons), will have spent every night of 2013 sleeping in a tent. That’s every. single. night.

And, he’s been blogging about it, posting stories, pictures, and video from his first major foray into outdoor adventure.

LRC explains on his blog that when asked why he decided to spend a whole year tent-camping, he’s usually met with resistance and confusion. Here’s his reasoning, though (and it’s so refreshing, coming from such a young adventurer): “I’ve gotten really interested in climbing and mountaineering lately, and I guess I’m doing it to prepare for just about anything any mountain would have to offer weather-wise.”

According to his blog, LRC’s father sleeps outside with him in below 20-degree temperatures, and — regardless of the weather — wakes his son each morning for a hike to the top of a nearby hill before school.

Throughout the course of his year camping & blogging, LRC has made some truly insightful observations regarding camping/hiking best practices, gear choices, and survival techniques, and he even produced a video chronicling his recent trip to Royal Arches in Yosemite (amongst other video posts).

Camp on, LRC! You’re truly an inspiration.


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