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Kayaking from Butcher Jones

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Friday afternoon I had a chance to go kayaking with the Rhino Expeditionary Corps (a gang of co-workers that find adventure and peril recreational). We hit the water from the beach at Butcher Jones on Saguaro Lake.

While I’m a veteran canoer, this was only my second time in a kayak; in this case a little 6′ plastic thing I borrowed from Carolyn ( a regular companion in doing something stupid in the wilderness).

Our goal was a little island all the way on the far side of the bend from Butcher Jones, where the gang wanted to find a geocache. The island itself is a pile of rocks, and doesn’t lend itself to docking anything – but we found a way. What we never found, though, was the cache – which, given the size of the island (tiny) makes us think its been removed.

While they poked in every crevice on the island, I had to pee, so I paddled to a little cove on the shore, and picked my way over the rocks and cacti, behnd the reeds, and out of sight from the lake.

The javelina started bolting from the reeds in waves. There must have been more than 20 of them, some just wee-little. And I patiently waited as they all eventually scrambled up the far side of the ravine and off into the desert. What I did not need was to start watering a bush and then get charged by the alpha male.

All this time in the desert, and this was the first time I have found myself within encounter distance with javelina. Previously, I’ve only seen them from a great distance, or simply came across evidence of the recent passing.

There are two types of kayakers: those who have tipped over their kayak, and those who are going to. I remain in the latter group.

By GPS measurments, we covered 5.25 miles of water round trip. Took about 4 hours. We’re noodling on a multi-day expedition to Lake Powell (though I’d probably have to bring the canoe for that).

As fun as water-skiing looks (even when your little kayak is getting clobbered by speedboat wakes) I still prefer self-powered craft.

I didn’t take any pictures – but Genevieve did. Her facebook album here. (If ya don’t have FB – I think yer hosed).

Butcher Jones Trail #463

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Going around the shores of Saguaro Lake.

Tonto NF Services description here.

Flickr set here.

Round Trip 5.25 miles

Date hiked: 5 January 2008

Companions: Ben and Julie

Notes: The overcast day did not lend itself to photography. We were sprinkled on, but te weater was otherwise mild.

This was Julie’s only hike for the guide (she was 8). Our actual hike time was just over 4 hours.

This is the shortest and probably the easiset hike in the guide.

Ben and Julie going down into Burrow Cove