About This Blog

That’s the question my son unfailingly asks a couple hours into the hike. He’s not worried or anything. He just wants to note for himself the point at which his father admits he is no longer certain as to their locations and/or direction.

A blog about hiking and writing hiking guides, focusing on the Arizona hikes I have written about in my guidebooks and elsewhere.

Updates weekly (sometime between Tuesday and Thursday).

COMMENTS: I have closed comments to the general posts. Since cross-posting to Amazon, I get 20-30 a day, mostly spam for pharmaceuticals or Russian porn, and I don’t have time to moderate all that. Comments to this page and the About the Blogger page are still open, if you would like to leave me a note.

Several suspiciously similar commentators have asked for more specific information. To those requests:

1) Buy my book.

2) Check out Hike AZ (there’s a link on my sidebar on the homepage).

3) Many of these hikes have been described by other authors elsewhere on the web.

4) I’m not going to “e-mail with more specific information”. If you have a question about the hike, I’ll answer it here.

Enjoy the blog.