Fat Man’s Loop

As I did for the Tonto Guide, I’m going to provide some background notes for each hike in

Five-Star Trails Flagstaff and Sedona 5 Star Trails Flagstaff and Sedona cover

In the order they appear in the book.

Fat Man’s Loop

DATE: 9/10/10



END TIME: 7:30p


Ben is my son, and accompanied me on more hikes (by far) than any other companion throughout the book. He was 13 at the time.

We had a late start because we had done Cathedral Rock in Sedona earlier that day.

Later that night, we met up with some friends and shared their campsite for the Barn Burner bike race. My friends were HAM operators providing support.

The next morning, Ben and I did Bill Williams Mountain.

I wanted to include an easy (and relatively adult) hike close to town. It is the counterweight to Airport Mesa in Sedona.

So, the clip below is YouTube video #1 – and there’s a learning curve. Plus, I had run the battery dry earlier that day, and was filming on fumes both in available power and available sunlight. All that survived are a few stills and my DVR notes. That’s the raw observations that I later write a hike description from.  I also made  a few into the clip below, for whatever that’s worth.


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