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You can help restore the damage from the Schultz Fire

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

If you live in or around Flagstaff, that is.

From the Coconino National Forest:

Flagstaff, AZ – The Flagstaff Ranger District is happy to announce the completion of the planning process for the Schultz Fire Long-Term Rehabilitation Projects on the Coconino National Forest. These projects will improve public safety in the areas affected by the Schultz Fire as well as address the long-term recovery needs of forest resources.

Rehabilitation efforts will include reconstructing and maintaining forest roads and trails, removing hazard trees, stabilizing cultural and recreational sites such as Bonito Amphitheater, promoting revegetation through planting and protection efforts, and constructing the Copeland Canal fence. Implementation on some projects will begin this spring and will continue over the next few years.

The public can anticipate opportunities to help with some of those recovery efforts, beginning with the Copeland Canal fence. “Now that we’re through with the planning portion, and we can focus on implementing the projects, we’ll be looking for ways to include the community,” says Mike Elson, Flagstaff District Ranger. “The first opportunity for the public to help is just around the corner. April 9 and 10, we’re seeking volunteers to help construct a fence around the Copeland Canal behind Fernwood.” The completion of the fence will allow the Forest Service to move forward with lifting the closure in the area.  Other opportunities to volunteer in the more distant future may include trail reconstruction and replanting in portions of the burn area.
Crews and volunteers will be building approximately 3 miles of fence which will provide a buffer around the canal to help the public to remain at a safe distance, as well as protect the banks of the ditch from damage and reduced capacity.
“Since the Schultz Fire, we have received lots of offers from the public to help with the recovery efforts,” says Elson. “We’re looking forward to working with community members on a project that will help us reopen the forest for public use.”

Who: Anyone eager to help with Schultz Flood recovery efforts. Participants of all ages are welcome, but minors need to be accompanied by an adult.
When: Saturday April 9 & Sunday April 10; 9:00a.m. – early afternoon
Where: Copeland Canal behind the Fernwood neighborhood.
What to Bring: Sturdy shoes, gloves, sunscreen, appropriate attire for the weather, plenty of water, and your lunch.
RSVP: All those planning to attend should RSVP to Justin Loxley or Brienne Magee at the Flagstaff Ranger Station, 928-526-0866.

This fence is part of the Schultz Long-Term Rehabilitation Projects. These long-term rehab projects – which also include preparing roads and trails for safe public use and replanting in some portions of the burn area – are separate from the ongoing burn and flood emergency response efforts.

Continued Burned Area Emergency Response efforts will take place this spring and summer; an assessment in the spring will determine the effectiveness of the previous aerial seeding and mulching, as well as the need for further measures.
For more information on the Long Term Rehabilitation Projects, visit the website at or contact the Flagstaff Ranger District at 928-527-0866.

For additional information on the upcoming Copeland Canal Volunteer Weekend, or to RSVP, please contact Justin Loxley or Brienne Magee at the above number.

One more short climb

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

So I am one fact away from submitting the final bit of 5 Star Trails – Flagstaff and Sedona. I need a hiking club to confirm their contact information. When I get that, I am one sentence and one e-mail w/ attachment from doing a happy dance around my desk.

preliminary cover

Menasha Ridge, for their part, has it on sale already.

I don’t know where the cover photo came from. Very often, covers at this stage have “placeholder” art that – like this one – really isn’t related to the actual location.

So thanks to all the various retailers and club organizers who returned my e-mails confirming some facts. And the one who didn’t – you know who you are.

And as soon as I know who you are, I can add you tot he book and be done with this.

End of the Trail within sight

Friday, March 11th, 2011

No matter how much you are enjoying the hike, there is always something uplifting about coming within sight of the trailhead (assuming your car is still there as expected).

I have hiked the last hike and am within five hike descriptions of the glorious end … of writing the hike descriptions. There’s still the front matter, some appendices to compile and a few rounds of editing.

What I know now, though, is the roster of hikes featured in Five Star Hikes: Sedona & Flagstaff


Airport Mesa
Bell Rock
Bell Trail (Wet Beaver Creek)
Boynton Canyon
Brins Mesa + Soldier Pass
Broken Arrow
Cathedral Rock
Lime Kiln Trail
Mitten Ridge /Damifino
Mund’s Wagon Trail
Parson Springs
Secret Canyon Loop
Verde Greenway North
Verde Greenway South
Vultee Arch
West Fork of Oak Creek
Wilson Mountain
Woods Canyon Trail


Abineu/Bear Jaw Loop
Anderson Mesa
Fat man Loop
Johnson RR
Kelsey Springs
Little Elden Springs
Mount Elden Loop
Mt Humphrey
Mt Williams
O’Leary Peak
Sandys + Walnut Canyons
Sycamore Rim
Veit Springs
Winter Cabin