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Official: 5 Star Hikes – Flagstaff and Sedona is underway

Friday, May 21st, 2010

I have contracted with Menasha Ridge Press (our fine host here) to write 5 Star Hikes – Flagstaff and Sedona (or some very similar title. It’s not official until it gets an ISBN)

The following is adapted from the style guide:

Five-Star Trails combines elements of the popular 60/60 series (60 Hikes within 60 Miles of . . . [city]) with those of the D&O series (Day & Overnight Hikes in. . . [national forests, national parks, other wilderness areas]). […]
Like the 60/60 series, Five-Star books typically cover hiking in and around cities, but Five-Star books’ anchor locations are smaller urban areas than those chosen for 60/60. For example, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta are 60/60 topics, whereas Spokane, Boise, and Chattanooga are examples of cities that fit the Five-Star profile. Also, Five-Star books present only 30 to 40 hikes-or half- to two-thirds as many as the 60/60 series.
In common with the D&O series, a Five-Star Trails book provides starred ratings in several categories presented in a box at the top of each new hike entry.
Unlike the D&O series, Five-Star Trails is geared to day-hikes and rarely touches on camping or extended trail time.

I have already started work on the guide and have several Sedona area hikes completed (the hiking anyway):

Airport Mesa Loop

Brin’s Mesa / Soldier Pass

Bell Trail (Wet Beaver Creek)

Woods Canyon trail (Dry Beaver Creek) (Yes, these creek names are real)

Lime Kiln Trail (the whole 15+ miles)

Verde River Greenbelt

MRP’s publicity packet suggests I blog somewhere about how the hike actually went (since the book has almost no personal references), and a few notes to supplement the information in the guide.

What a swell idea.

You can expect some posts on those hikes, and all the others as we go.

May 10+11 Hike plan

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Monday, I’m hiking the Lime-Kiln trail, a 15 mile route that historically connected Cottonwood and Sedona, but more recently connects Dead Horse SP with Red Rock SP. This is practical because I have a car-shuttle arranged.

I suspect I will go ahead and camp overnight at Dead Horse.

Tuesday will be two short hikes – TBD.

Working on a new guidebook

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The ink hasn’t dried on the contract, but I’m going to announce anyway:

I am writing a new guidebook for Menasha Ridge Press!

(and you thought this was a dead blog).

More details when I have time to compose with clarity.

Meanwhile, for the benefit of a very select audience, my itinerary for the next two days:

Thursday, 4/6/10:

Travel to Sedona; establish a camp at Wet Beaver Creek; Hike Brin’s Mesa and Soldier Pass trail; Hike a portion of Airport Loop to Bandit, then Caroll Canyon. Buy some beer. Sleep.

Friday 4/7/10:

Clarify a remaining mystery on Bell Trail; break camp; Hike Woods Canyon trail (up Dry Beaver Creek), return home.

Local conditions may force changes. My cel phone works in most of the area.

Gotta go! More when I get back.