My Buddies at Hike Arizona

As valuable as this blog might become as a hiking resource, if you need to know about a trail or hike or other extreme pedestrian scheme in the wilds of Arizona, there is no better resource than

You need to set up a (free) account, but once inside you’ll find a searchable database of hike descriptions written by members who have actually done the hikes, along with photosand often maps and GPS routes. These descriptions are better quality than one normally expects from volunteer sites, and often more accurate than professionally produced sources (my own work being the exception – though not by much…)

They also feature a chat board where you can organize hikes, and chat, kvetch, remimnisce, gossip and whine about a multitude of subjects.

Four of the hikes* in the Tonto guide were organized through HikeAZ, and most of them were informed to some extent through material on that site. In particular, I used the site to help identify some plants, which is not (yet) a strength of mine. My book would have been three times harder without their help, and in return, I plug them at every opportunity.

So hit `em up soon, because this is the time to get out in the lower deserts. More on that (much more) next week.

* Hell’s Gate, Four Peaks, Mazazatl Divide and the East Superstitions Superloop.

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