Tonto Hiking Guide Numbers

This is the official web page for

Day and Overnight Hikes in the Tonto National Forest

from Menasha Ridge Press, and written by me.

I update every Monday.

The cover for my book.

The cover for my book.

The Numbers:

Number of Hikes in Book: 34

Total numbers of trails covered: 54

Some hikes were loops composed of multiple trails.

Total miles covered in guidebook: 327

Number of separate trips: 44

Tires flattened: 3

Good ($100+) hiking boots destroyed: 2

Total number of hiking companions: 9

Most constant companion: My son Ben (now 11) – 11 hikes


The Tonto National Forest
	The Forest Service website. For trail info start here.
	These site, and the folks assosciated with it were extremely helpful in compiling this guide.
If you're hiking anywhere in Arizona, check it out on this site first.

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